Effective Ways Of Bed-bug Pest Control

A good night’s sleep is all it takes to magically shift the hangover you’ve had after your agitating day at the office or to remove the fatigue after spending those valuable hours on the cardio machine. Sleep is a kind of a gift which luckily for all of us, is free. But how can you savour the bliss of a good night’s sleep when you’re bitten by minuscule creatures who feed on your blood? Scary? Indeed. Learn here some easy methods to get rid of bed bugs.

Methods Applied for Bed-Bug Pest Control

Bed bug infestation, while not necessarily the scariest of the pest infestation still holds enough power to not only ruin your sleep but also pose various health hazards. Below are some of the most effective ways of pest control:

  • Steam Cleaning:

Obviously, the most effective way to control this is steam cleaning the bed. Thus, the first thing to keep in mind for Bed Bug Pest Control is to realise that for a complete solution, overall cleanliness is necessary.

  • Isolate The Bed(And The Bugs):

Needless to say, one should adopt this idea, bed bugs are creatures who aren’t choosy about their beds like us, any bed would be fine for them and thus we must always isolate the bed by placing it on a raised surface so as to not touch the floor. In this way, the bed bugs won’t have anyone to feed on and would die.

  • Use Heat:

Bed bugs, like any living creature don’t really respond well to heat. Studies have shown that a temperature above 45° C would completely kill any bed bug instantly. Placing the affected bed out in the sun or washing it with hot water could help achieve this goal.

  • Use Specialised Sprays:

The growing market has left us with an abundance of products that serves the purpose of controlling bed bug infestation. Read and research carefully before you choose a product and use them in order to keep these parasites away.

  • Seek Professional Help:

Now this could be the most effective and foolproof method of bed bug inspection and treatment at home. Sure if the infestation is restricted to just one room of your house there isn’t any need to seek expert help, however, these infestations do tend to come on a large scale and if you find a large area of your house affected, seeking help from a local professional would be the best thing to do. This way you could not only sleep worry-free but also save your precious furniture.