Natural Ways To Control Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are very subtle creatures, and finding them and killing them using home remedies is a very complex task. You may think why is it so difficult to get rid of these bed bugs? A female bed bug gives about 500 eggs in its lifetime, and the children out of those eggs go forth and give the eggs. Their number increases over generations, and a small group of them in your bed turns into a whole community, which makes it very difficult to control their future numbers. In fact, these tiny creatures in your mattress are the cause of your allergies and itchiness without any reason. So, find natural ways to get rid of them. 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Getting rid of it is also difficult because they can survive without food for a very long time. That’s why they never die due to lack of food or neither have they needed a host to stay alive.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

A natural powder that easily gets rid of bed bugs is Diatomaceous earth as if it is chemical-free and you can even take it as an organic pest control method. Diatomaceous earth has properties that dehydrate bed bugs and this causes them to lose their bodily oils, causing them to instantly die. You can purchase this through an online platform or from a nearby store to sprinkle it in all the infested areas. Then, let this powder sit for at least a week or 10 days to take its effect on bed bugs and their colonies. After this time period, you can easily notice bed bugs getting killed at the same places they infested.

  • Peppermint

Bedbugs cannot tolerate peppermint. So, take some mint leaves and keep them near your bed. If there are small children in your house then put some mint leaves in their pocket. Mint leaves keep bedbugs away. If you want you can also grind the mint leaves or you can also rub them on your body.

  • Black walnut tea

The black walnut tree is used to make tea. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which prove to be effective in killing pests. You can use black walnut T-Bags in all corners of the house to kill bedbugs and their eggs. It’s better to keep these bags away from your pet’s / child’s reach.

  • Neem oil

Neem oil is extracted from the neem tree found in North India. It has many antimicrobial properties, due to which it is used to keep insects away from your house. Neem oil can be found at any drugstore. Do not dilute neem oil as It should be used on pits in its pure form. Sprinkle it on all the ingredients of the house and wash the cloth with this oil mixed with detergent. Sprinkle it for one week continuously and you will start getting the results.


Professional bed bug treatment is definitely worth your pockets, time and most importantly your energy as it helps you out of your hassle. As getting rid of bed bugs from your property isn’t an easy task, it is better to let a bed bug exterminator handle this. Because bug exterminators offer you full-fledged extermination while executing the right and customised method. However, prior to this, experts make sure they are conducting a thorough inspection and then take your consent to proceed further. In fact, you can even request for a free quote once experts complete the bed bug pest control. Ping professionals for the most effective bed bug treatment.