How To Get Rid Of Roaches Naturally

Cockroaches cause various diseases in humans. They carry fungi, filth and bacteria on their legs and bodies and pollute food as well as cooking utensils. The lifespan of cockroaches is less but the availability of humidity, warm temperature, water, food, garbage etc can attract them to reproduce more. They are common in commercial premises and are a serious threat to human health. Cockroach transmits pathogens and is associated with asthma in Children. Dysentery, Typhoid, and Gastroenteritis are some of the common diseases caused by these evils. They emit unpleasant smells and also produce sound. Cockroaches are better in hiding and their eggs are naturally protected from other insecticides. Without proper technique and equipment, fighting with cockroaches is not so easy. 

Cockroaches in Home

They are mostly seen at night in many places in your home.

  • Sink, fridge, equipment, microwave, drains and kitchen drawers.
  • Crevices, pipes, fittings and cracks
  • Sewage, home basement, drains of the bathroom, garbage area
  • Storeroom, utensils

How To Control Cockroaches

It is vital to control cockroaches for human health, the safety of food and household items. There are many methods that can prevent infestation naturally. Some of them are:

  • Pesticide/Insecticide 

Pesticides/Insecticides consist of chemicals that are poisonous and very effective to control and prevent the future reproduction of cockroaches. Some approved standard chemicals are Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin, and Dichlorvos which are sprayed in the infestation areas.

  • Gel treatment

Gel treatment is also an effective and eco-friendly method to control the breeding of cockroaches.

  • Use of Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid is found in products like toothpaste, detergent etc. It is one of the best and most effective roach killers. It has its own pros and cons. Its displacement through air currents can reach your children and pets. The boric acid powder is made up of boron and water. It is low in toxicity to people and pets but it’s a deadly weapon to kill cockroaches. If it is not used properly then it will lose effectiveness.

  • Hiring a Professional

Seeking a pest management professional to treat a roach Infestation is always the best option. They have the best and most effective technique to control the infestation. They provide an ongoing solution to control cockroaches. It also removes the need to have traps spread near or around your home. They help get rid of the cockroaches from difficult-to-reach areas. They also make sure that all the eggs are removed and there’s complete swiping of the cockroaches from your home.


So wait no more and take the required actions in case you want them to completely vacate your home. You may want to consider the experts who are extremely knowledgeable and have sound insight into the pest control procedure. Any kind of pest cannot escape their eyes. So you can make your home cockroach free, and hire pest control services