Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment At Home

Bed Bug Inspection

Speaking about bed bugs, they are one of the pests that are quick at breeding and increasing their population in no time. Thus, once their invasion happens, it is very hard to get them out of your place, but this is not an impossible feat. However, before you start bed bug treatment, you should know to spot the signs for bed bug extermination first. In fact, killing should be followed only after a thorough bed bug inspection is done so as to eliminate the threat from the root. Because inspection gives you an insight into the severity of the infestation, areas of infestation and such. Thus, now we will discuss how early bed bug inspection and treatment at home can be done.

A Quick Way For You To Follow A Bed Bug Treatment At Home

To Identify The Problem

Although identifying the bed bug problem seems like a task, it is not at all true but there is a way to make it a bit easier if you follow our way. To identify the bed bug problem, you need to first take a sample of the pest along with its infestation and show it to a professional. These professionals known as extension agents identify if this pest is a bed bug or not as they are well-trained and skilled. Once an extension agent confirms the presence of a bed bug infestation at home, it is your time to think of the next step.

Analysing The Situation

The next step to identifying a bed bug infestation is to analyse the situation at your hand. That is, check to find the severity of bed bug infestations, areas of infestation that occurred and how you can treat them. While analysing the situation with bed bugs and their infestations, see if the pests infested the surrounding spaces too. This is to make sure you are analysing the situation to see the number of room bed bugs infested. Note- If you are a tenant, analyse the situation completely to inform the house owner and see if bed bug treatment is under house codes. Because if it is present, a house owner should get the treatment done.

Developing The Right Plan

Depending upon the results from the analysis of the situation at your home, you can decide on the right bed bug removal method. While developing a plan for bed bug control, also calculate the time it takes to complete the whole implementation. However, parallel to developing a plan, you need to check upholstery, furniture, mattress and other heavy objects at home. This is because bed bugs don’t just infest your bedding but also other areas of your property. Also, when you are developing a plan for bed bug treatment for your mattress, you need to make your blankets, bedsheets and pillows, bed bug-free too.

Prevent Infestation From Expanding

Even after developing the right plan to make your home bed bug-free, you cannot directly implement it until you take prevention measures. By doing this the treatment for bed bugs becomes easier as you need to treat fewer places than more for a bed bug-free property. So, some of the prevention tips you can follow to stop the infestation from expanding are as follows:

  • Get rid of infestation items such as sealed plastic bags
  • Protect your mattresses by covering them and sealing bags
  • If there is furniture that is heavily infested, you can discard them
  • Seal the crevices and cracks using a silicone caulk
  • Clean your bedroom regularly.

Customise A Treatment

As soon as you are done with the prevention step, proceed with customising a bed bug treatment and this is in fact an important part. While customising a treatment plan, you have to create it in such a way that you are aware of the treatment you want to implement. In addition to this, make sure you are following the guidelines and also estimate the time it takes to complete the treatment till you find the expected results. In fact, apart from customising a treatment plan, you have to prepare your property too.

Killing Bed Bugs

The results from customising the right treatment would be many and all of those give effective outcomes after you implement a treatment. In fact, for killing bed bugs on your property, you have two options to adopt, like chemical or non-chemical treatment.

Chemical Treatment For Bed Bugs: This kind of treatment directly involves the use of chemicals for killing bed bugs. So, you can register chemicals on carpet edges, crevices in walls, wardrobes, cupboards, slates and bad bases. After chemical registration, you have to isolate the treated place for nearly 7 to 10 days and re-inspect to find satisfactory results.

Non-Chemical Treatment For Bed Bugs: It involves 3 kinds of treatments such as heat and cryonite treatments and steam cleaners.

  • Heat treatment involves using 120°C of heat to instantly kill bed bugs
  • Cryonite treatment involves freezing bed bugs with dry ice
  • Steam cleaners are used to kill bed bugs on clothes, carpets, blankets, etc.

Evaluation & Prevention

The last step to bed bug inspection and treatment at home is to evaluate the property after bed bug treatment. It helps in preventing the future entry of bed bugs. So, do not do bed bug inspection and monitoring even after the treatment is done for months. In fact, it is better to inspect every 1 week as this helps in finding bed bug eggs, if any.


Although the quickest way to solve bed bug problems is bed bug inspection and treatment at home, this isn’t a permanent solution. However, you have a more safe and better alternative than that and this is to avail professional pest control services. In fact, if you find a trusted pest management, there is no one luckier than you as you get the best services at affordable pricing. Moreover, if you are a property owner that is specifically looking for pet friendly pest control services, you just have a short way to go. So, do contact a nearby company today and avail a bed bug treatment.

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