How To Control Silverfish At Home Permanently

A silverfish is an insect belonging to arthropods. The name is given from the silver-coloured appearance of the insect, and its resemblance to fish. They are small nocturnal insects of size 13 to 25mm. They lack wings but have antennae. They inhabit the houses and their lifetime is about six to eight years. Their diet consists of carbohydrate derivatives such as starch, dead skin, books, etc. They are prey for spiders and centipedes. Silverfish control becomes evident because if it inhabits the house then it remains for many years. They are harmless to humans but they destroy many of your precious belongings. This post will teach you how to control silverfish at home. 

How To Control Silverfish Infestation In Your House?

  • As they are nocturnal animals, they are difficult to spot in daylight. Find them in the darkest, damp places of your house.
  • They move very fast, but on the horizontal axis only. They cannot move on the vertical axis. So try to trap them while they are on a wall, which makes them easier to catch.
  • Set a silverfish trap which is simply a jar with a piece of bread in it. Keep it in areas where you suspect silverfish may have their habitat, in the night the insect will go towards the bread and it would become difficult for it to climb to the mouth of the jar.
  • You can use a newspaper to catch the silverfish, roll the newspaper and soak it in water from the ends, the insect will get I the newspaper as it provides them with both food and a suitable environment. Burn the newspaper the next morning.
  • Sprinkle the powder of diatomaceous earth in the dark and damp places of your house. The grains of this substance have sharp, pointed edges which rip the insect’s body and cause them to die.
  • Sprinkle boric acid in the damp areas. It is fatal to silverfish and their eggs too.
  • Silverfish hate the smell of spices, so keep packets of spices in your kitchen for preventing them to inhabit your kitchen. 
  • Humidity provides silverfish with their preferred environment. Control the humidity in your house by dehumidifying your house.
  • Close all the cracks, fissures and gutters in your house where they may find it possible to lay their eggs. 

These are some tips on silverfish pest control services. But if your house has many damp areas which are out of reach then necessary measures are to be taken and pest control of silverfish in your house, workplace, etc. is the last step to be taken.

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