5 Natural Methods To Keep Away The Mosquitoes

Australian houses are different from other houses in the world as the design is transitional to make outdoors indoors and indoors outdoors. This is designed in this way to make the home cooler in long summers. While everyone wants to enjoy a good time outdoors by enjoying delicious burning barbeque and beverages under the balmy nights, the whole scenario is not complete without the hit of mosquitoes hovering overhead. Mosquitoes might ruin your evening, weekend and precious moment, stop them from ruining your next dinner party, check out these eco-friendly methods of removing mosquitoes and apply them in order to prevent them from coming.

5 Natural Methods To Keep Away The Mosquitoes

  1. Install A Screen In Your Verandah 

Verandah is the place where you spent the hot summer and enjoy the cold breezes. If a mosquito bites you, you have to take some action for mosquito control. A mosquito can be really annoying, to prevent them from coming from your verandah, install a screen. If there’s no scope for installing a screen in the verandah, you can install curtains. Curtains will surely slower the mosquito intervention.

  1. Keep The Outside Area Dry

Mosquitoes begin their lives in water, so if there is stored water or a swimming pool clear it. Keep any water storage unit empty, do not let store water anywhere during the rain.

  1. Light Up The Backyard With Yellow Tinted Light

Mosquitoes perceive lights differently, yellow-tinted light has a low intensity of blue wavelength and ultraviolet rays. This makes them less attracted to lights, a yellow-coated light bulb will emit less concentrated waves, which disguises other bugs and mosquitoes.

  1. Install A Ceiling Fan In The Verandah

Home mosquito control is easier when it comes to verandah, you can do a simple thing to prevent mosquito infestation. Just install a ceiling fan or portable fan, the air will blow out the mosquitoes and stop them from coming, it also chills down the premises. So it’s a win-win investment.

  1. Grow Some Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquito-repellent plants are very effective for mosquito control. If you use chemical repellents for mosquito control, they’ll harm nature and leave radiation behind. Growing some mosquito repellent plants can leave an impact and you can do the mosquito pest control by growing some plants. Some of them are- Citronella, rosemary, mint, garlic and lavender. These plants can grow in your yard and prove effective in mosquito control.

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