Think You May Have Termites?

Firstly pests are a big issue to deal with. Termites can give you nightmares. They might be munching on your bed’s timber right now. Termites are small insects. Likewise, they mostly stay in large groups. Their favorite spot is hot and humid places. So you suspect a termite infestation at your home? Not to worry. Mentioned below are some of the indicators of termites. Be alert and aware at home. Also termites can also bring in other pests. Hence, if not dealt on time will leave your house in danger. You can check our blog Effective Tips For Pest Control and Prevention.

Basic signs of a termite infestation

So you think you have termites at home? Go through the signs mentioned below and measure out the possibilities. Therefore, you have to know the problem first to find a solution for it.

  1. Scratching noises – We all know termites chew on timbers. Thus, the chewing noise is quite audible to our human ears.
  2. Spoiled wood – Have you noticed bore dust and cracks in wood? Probably it’s the termites.
  3. Swarms spotting – They are always in large groups. Thus it’s called swarmers. It’s very easy to notice them. They look like muddy patches.
  4. Mud tubes – Ever noticed small mud tubes in the corners of walls? They are termites residing in it.
  5. Hollow timber – Termites feed on timber. They make it hollow. Check the sounds of your timber. If it feels like a hollow sound then probably termites have eaten most of the timber from inside.
  6. Termite droppings – Once they have damaged the timber you can usually find termite droppings near the wood. They are feacecal from their bodies.
  7. Maze like patterns – They are always in colonies. Hence, they wander around in maze-like patterns. Thus, they leave behind the marks on wood, floors and walls.
  8. Swarm wings – The flying termites leave behind wings. They look like scales of a fish. They are tiny and transparent. If you spot a bunch of wings then probably you have termites at home.

What should You do?

Does this sign resonate ? You must have come to the conclusion that you might have a termite problem. But the question is what to do about it. Either solve it on your own or call a Local Pest Control Services.
Home remedies like Cayenne pepper can help. You can make a solution with vinegar and lemon. This helps too. But for a permanent treatment it’s better to call a reliable pest control service provider. Well need not to worry as we are here to your rescue. You can check our blog Save Your Property From Stubborn Termites, Hire Termite Controllers.

Choose us as your termite solution

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