How to Remove Termites from a House

Are you spotting holes and debris near your furniture? Probably that’s a termite infestation. Termites are detritus feeders. They basically feed on dead plants and trees. Thus, the furniture at your home is their spot. Termites infestation spots are any place with paper and timber. Likewise, termites are attracted to moist and humid places, especially moist timber. So, they start from one place proceeding to eat your house inside out. Thus, it becomes necessary to have an awareness about them. Local Pest Control Melbourne is your only rescue and solution.

Termite Control Services

Understand the signs of a termite infestation

Before calling for an inspection or a pest control look for signs of termites. Go through our list of possible indicators of termites –

  1. Damaged wood – Obviously this would be the first sign which makes you suspect termites in home.
  2. Termite wings – Secondly spotting of tiny wings. You may also see swarmers at your home.
  3. Noises – You may hear banging or chewing noises inside furniture or walls.
  4. Cracks and holes in timber – Look for tiny holes and cracks. The termites might have built their homes in it. You can check our blog Ant Infestation Outside, Stop Them Before They Enter Our House.

Home remedies for a termite infestation

Once you are convinced you got a termite infestation at home. Hence now is the time to get rid of it. Here are some tips you can follow and try –

  1. Discard infected wood – There might be some pieces of wood with severe infestation. Discard them from your home.
  2. Boric acid – Further you can coat infected spots with boric acid. This dries out the termites. Their nervous system shuts down.
  3. Home ingredients – Moreover your kitchen ingredients can help you. Vinegar and lemon can help. Further you can use orange oil or neem oil as repellents. Half a cup of vinegar and 2 lemon’s juice is a natural spray for your termites.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth – The powder is made from silica. Just sprinkle on affected areas.
  5. Soil management – Treat the soil indoors and outdoors. Termites obviously come with the soil. You might have indoor plants too. So, keep changing the soil or use effective Insecticides.
  6. Nematodes – This one is unconventional. Nematodes feed on termites. Well you can get a bunch. Thus leave them on the infested wood.

What to do when the termites have left you stressed out

Sometimes nothing works out. These home remedies are useful but what if the termites keep coming back. Well the only solution to this is to contact Local Pest Control Services. Nothing beats professional treatment. The only reason behind this is an integrated approach towards problems. This is their job and they know how to do it. Sit back stress-free and let the pest control team get rid of termites.

Termite Inspection

We are at rescue!

711 Pest Control Melbourne is a leading pest control service providing company. We have been in this field for almost 20 years. Likewise, we deal with all kinds of pest infestations. We understand termites can create problematic situations at home. Who doesn’t want a pest-free home right! Well let us take care of it. Moreover, we use green pesticides so that you have a non toxic experience. Don’t worry, our Pest Control Services are at affordable prices. We think about our customers first. So, give us a call on our customer care and enjoy a pest-free home in no time. You can check our blog What Not To Do When Choosing An Affordable Pest Control Company.