How To Catch Possums With The Help Of Possum Boxes

How to catch possums with the help of possum boxes

A possum is a creature that can wreak havoc in your home. It is significant for people to possum-proof their buildings to keep these nocturnal creatures away from their homes. Possums do not pose real physical danger to you or your family; they can tear up the residence and cause a nuisance that could disturb your quality of life. Keeping the possums away from your property and your garden is essential. Do many people wonder how to catch possums with the help of possum boxes?

Mentioned Below Are Some Things One Should Consider While Catching Possums-

1.    The box you use for catching possums is the one that will trap them without causing any injury.

2.    Once the possums are trapped, they must be kept in a safe place away from the sunlight.

3.    You should also inspect your surroundings for overturned garbage bins or food waste. You should also block the entry point with substances these pets cannot simply rip off with claws.

You Will Get To Know How To Catch Possums With The Help Of Possum Boxes By Using The Following Methods-

1.    Buy A Large Steel Cage

Possums can be two to three feet long and four to fifteen pounds. You should buy a large steel cage trap. These traps are known as raccoon traps. It is essential to buy a cage about 30 to 40 inches in length and 12 inches in height. Our Possum Catcher Sydney staff gives the quickest and most effective possum removal service.

Most possum traps arrive in one or two-door models. Most people recommend buying a one-door model, and these models offer better bait protection. They are better at catching larger animals.

2.    Place The Trap In The Area The Possum Frequents

It is a known fact that the best location for the trap is near the possum’s den. If you don’t know where the cave exactly is, you should place the trap in the area where you have noticed the most activity of the damage. It could be near the garbage cans. You should place the trap in the designated area just before nightfall.

If the possum is living in the attic, you should place the trap in the centre of the space. If the possum lives underneath your house, you should place the trap three to five feet outside the entrance. One should see that the trap is placed on an even surface. One should place a brick on the top of the track to keep it steady and prevent the possum from flipping over.

3.    Bait The Trap

The possums are omnivores, and almost any type of bait will work in their case. One should try to choose a bait that will only attract the possums and not the other animals. Marshmallows, sweet bread, apples and aniseed oil on bread are some of the baits that will only attract possums. You can leave a small amount of food, creating a trail that will eventually lead to the trap, and this is the best method to lure the possums into the possum box.

One should make sure the food is placed in such a way that will force the possum to step on the trigger plate. It will close the trap door. One should make sure that the possum has to step on the trigger plate for getting the food.

If the food gets stuck between the trigger plate and the bottom of the possum box’s cage, the trap door will not close.

4.    Check The Trap Frequently

It is very important to check the trap every morning after you set it. You should see to it that the possums are not stuck in the trap for more than a day. Mick’s Pest Control Sydney is the best choice for this. Hence ring at 02 4018 7435 to book us immediately.