Are Possum Boxes A Reliable Method For Possum Trapping?

Are Possum Boxes A Reliable Method For Possum Trapping?

Possums are scavengers who visit human homes to raid garbage cans, containers and dumpsters. They eat grass and fruits and are attracted to overflowing trash cans, garbage and compost heaps. They are primarily seen in moist areas. Possums are nocturnal animals; therefore, to capture a possum, you will need a large cage or box. Many people make use of possum boxes for trapping. People wonder if possum boxes are a reliable method for possum trapping. A possum box offers a safe refuge for the possums in rural and urban environments. Two types of possums are typically found in the urban environment across Australia: the common ringtail and the common brushtail.

The possum box should be placed 2.6 to 3 meters to the ground to safeguard against predators. Possums tend to like tight and secure spaces with small entrances, and hence possum boxes are a reliable method for emergency possum removal.

Following Are The Types Of Possum Boxes-

1.    The Brushtail Possum Box

The top edge of the roof of this box should be sealed with a folded strip of sheet metal or a rubber flap. The entry hole should be located under the eaves and between 110mm to 120mm wide. This makes the best possum box, and it is a reliable method for possum trapping.

2.    Ringtail Possum Box

The box has the same design as the Brushtail possum box. However, it is slightly narrower, and the entrance hole of this box is 70mm to 80mm wide. 

3.    Sugar Glider Box

This box is one of the smaller boxes. However, its nest box is relatively large. The entry hole is only 40mm wide. 

Possum Boxes: How To Make Them Best For Trapping

The possum box, which is recommended, is a wire mesh box trap with less than 19mm square mesh. A trap with a smaller mesh is used as a trap with a large mesh can cause injuries to the possums. The trap should also have a spiral bait holder. It should also consist of a spring-activated door. One can also make use of hot pepper or tabasco sauce. The natural possum deterrent for brush-tailed possums is hot pepper extract. Boxes are highly reliable for trapping possums, and one can relocate the animal at least 25 miles away from your home. It is also possible to lure the possums into the boxes by feeding them sweet things, particularly marshmallows.

Why Are Possums Boxes A Reliable Method For Possum Trapping?

The best way to combat the possum problems is to understand their habits. Following are the reasons why boxes are a reliable method for possum trapping-

1.  They are active at night, and it is easier for you to trap them using a box as they are typically sleeping throughout the day hence, they tend to move a lot during the night, hence the likelihood of getting caught in the night is more.

2.  You can easily then track the possums as they will leave some signs of their presence through droppings, crumbles of food and tracks. You can track them easily as they leave a trail behind and hence it is comparatively easy to know where to place the box for trapping the possum.

3.  Possums feed on nuts, insects, and eggs, and you can also lure them by placing remnants of nuts which will eventually lead them to the box and then they can get trapped.

4.  Possum boxes are the most reliable method for possum trapping as the possums usually tend to get excited when they see constrained spaces. The traps should measure about 10*12*32 cubic inches.

It is very important to set traps along the trails such as grapes, nuts and melons. Hire to cbd possum removal for Possum Removal Melbourne cost.