A Guide To Cleaning Vinyl Flooring- Brighten Up Planks And Tiles With Vinegar And More

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Vinyl flooring is preferred by many people because of its low cost and easy maintenance. It wears withstanding ability which is great and it reduces noise significantly. But have you ever wondered how you can clean your vinyl flooring and give it a brand new look? Well, it’s relatively easy if you follow a few simple steps. Emergency Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney recommend people clean the flooring at least one to two times a week to keep it in a good condition.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services
Tile And Grout Cleaning Services


The cleaning process of vinyl floor tiles or plank is similar. To start with, you need to eliminate dirt, dust or any form of unwanted matter from the floor surface. The cleaning can be done by using a vacuum cleaner or it can be done manually by using a brush. But ensure that you are doing it on a regular basis otherwise, the dirt particles can accumulate and it can become unhygienic. There are different chemical products that will help you achieve a neat and clean floor but many people are allergic to these substances; again you can prepare your own cleaning solution using products that are available at home.

Applying Vinegar: As already mentioned, many people can’t tolerate the cleaning agents that are available in the markets. In these cases, you can make your own cleaner using vinegar. Vinegar is available in almost everyone’s kitchen and it is known to be highly productive in cleaning floor tiles. Add some vinegar to a half cup of warm water and mix it properly. Next, use the solution to clean the tiles with the help of a mop or a cloth and finally make sure that the floor is dried fully. White vinegar can be used for this purpose as it not only removes the unwanted matter; it also acts as a great disinfectant. You may add some essential oil to the vinegar to add fragrance to your solution.

Eliminating Stains from Vinyl Flooring: If your floor is subjected to heavy stains, you can go for floor cleaners that are available in stores. Another option is to prepare a homemade solution that is cheap and environmentally friendly. Grab some baking soda from your kitchen and add it to water. Then apply the mixture on the stains using a cloth. Rub it gently until the stains are completely removed.

For stains produced by wine and juice, take a bleach solution and immerse a clean cloth into it. Now put that cloth on the stained area and keep it there for about an hour. Then wash the floor with water and make sure it is completely dried in the end. Bleach is said to be quite effective in diluting the stains and eventually eliminating them.

Another substance that works pretty well against stains is alcohol. Pour the alcohol on the stains directly or use a cloth to apply for making your floor hygienic. There are many reasons for hiring Tile And Grout Cleaning Services which are given below.

Maintenance of Vinyl Floorings: Cleaning of vinyl floorings following the steps mentioned above might seem easy, but it’s important that you know certain things to prevent any kind of damage.

Ø  Try to reduce the amount of dirt that gets deposited onto the floor tiles. Using mats at your doorstep can be a solution. You should also make it a habit of opening your shoes before entering your home as shoes bring lots of dirt along with them.

Ø  Do not use things that abrade the tiles.

Ø  Heavyweight furniture can produce stains when they are dragged across the floor surface. You must be careful of this as these stains are hard to get rid of. It’s better to raise the furniture if there is a need to remove them somewhere else.