How To Get Your Expensive Carpets’ Musty Odor Out

If there is some musty smell coming from the carpet then this would mean that the carpet has dirt, grime, and mold. You may not be able to see this with naked eyes but there would be too much in it. If these things happen you would want to get ahead with Carpet Stain Removal. But if you follow a few protocols or some methods then it can give you freedom from the bad odor.

  1. Dry the carpet outside in the sun

If your carpet is easy to remove and is portable then you should find a good sunny day and dry it in the outside area. This will help in removing the musty smell. When you bring back the carpet inside your home, you will see that the fabric of the carpet will feel like a fresh one.

  1. Spray water and vinegar

If you spray water and vinegar on the carpet, you will be able to deodorize it naturally. Finally, this will help in making the carpet great in every way. You will get a feeling as if your carpet is quite new. You can check our blog 10 Quick Tips For Carpet Cleaning.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum clean the carpet

If you wish to make your carpet feel fresh then you must sprinkle baking soda powder on the carpet and then you must vacuum clean the same. This will remove dirt particles along with the baking soda. So, the carpet will be smell free and clean.

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide for stain and mold like the smell

If stains and a mold-like smell are coming from the carpet, you need to take the relevant steps. Hydrogen peroxide is supposed to be a good and liquid stain off carpet. But along with that, it will also help you to remove the musty smell. If your carpet is disgusting and makes you feel low then you need to find some relevant solution.

  1. Use the best quality carpet shampoo

If your carpet is giving out some musty odor then it’s time to clean the carpet well. Maybe you will be able to do deep cleaning and this will help you. You must make soap water with water and carpet shampoo. Now, soak your carpet in the big bucket. If not then you can take up bonnet cleaning wherein you can just shampoo the carpet. Clean the carpet and see how you will be able to get rid of the bad and musty smell coming out of the carpet. Also you can check out our Most Common Carpet Stains And How to Clean Them?


You must do the above processes and see which one seems to be the best of all. If you can find the best Carpet Cleaning Service then you can try any of the above and also repeat the same. When you come across a bad odor you will see that by repeating the above methods you will be able to get rid of the odor. So, take the right steps for musty odor removal from carpets. This will work wonders. It will offer you the best options.